Leitz hoggers & jointing cutters

Efficiency in every material

Sizing tools are specialists for a wide range of applications and materials. Whether in sizing, edge processing or in postforming applications, the extensive Leitz tool programme for sizing tools offers users maximum efficiency in the processing of all wood-derived materials and coatings.

Diamaster EdgeExpert

Specialists in edge performance, especially for sophisticated decors

The Diamaster EdgeExpert program provides impressive tear- and chip-free edges and smooth sides, even when processing micro-paper, veneers, foils and high-gloss laminates. The knife geometry is engineered for excellent results and the optimum ratio of quality and costs.

Diamaster WhisperCut & WhisperCut PLUS

The light and low noise jointing cutterhead with the PLUS of efficiency

Due to the low weight of the Diamaster WhisperCut jointing cutterhead, noise pollution is significantly reduced and the quality of the workplace is improved. The resharpenability of the system with exchangeable blades also guarantees high cost efficiency. As an option, users can quickly and easily replace the blades on site.

Compact hogger DT Premium

More efficiency in panel processing

The new DT Premium compact hogger is the solution for increasing productivity thanks to its long tool life – with perfect quality on the edge and cutting surface.

Diamaster PRO³ & Diamaster PLUS³

Higher productivity and quality when cutting with Real-Z3

The Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³ routers cut at up to 50 % higher feed rates with a purposefully engineered knife arrangement, designed to maximize tool life and performance while maintaining perfect cut quality. This is possible with Real-Z3 technology: closing gaps between the individual knives to increase the number of effective teeth.

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