True all-rounders

The undisputed tooling geniuses with almost unlimited application

The processing of wood, wood-derived materials or plastics is taking place more and more on CNC router machines and machining centers. All machining tasks are carried out with shank tools, from sizing, jointing and rebating to profiling and boring.

Leitz offers a comprehensive range of shank tools. From standard applications to customer-specific solutions and applications in the high-performance range, Leitz shank tools fulfill every customer requirement.

Diamaster PRO³ & Diamaster PLUS³

Higher productivity and quality when cutting with Real-Z3

The Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³ routers cut at up to 50 % higher feed rates with a purposefully engineered knife arrangement, designed to maximize tool life and performance while maintaining perfect cut quality. This is possible with Real-Z3 technology: closing gaps between the individual knives to increase the number of effective teeth.

HeliPlan planing cutter

Better quality in face-milling of wood derived materials and plastics

With the new HeliPlan planing cutter from Leitz, an almost mark-free surface finish quality can be achieved. Together with efficient chip removal and higher tool speeds, the entire workflow can be optimized.

Tools for Aluminium composite panels

CNC processing

Leitz offers an optimally coordinated range of tools for the processing of Aluminium composite panels, whose versatility is particularly impressive due to its high quality and performance.

Tools for PMMA

Brilliant results in PMMA

Leitz offers an optimally coordinated tool programme especially for machining PMMA, which is particularly impressive in terms of quality and productivity.

Bevel cutterhead, swivelling

Variable bevel angle in all working materials

The Leitz bevel cutterhead system offers individual advantages for every company size and thus helps to achieve a clear production and quality superiority. The system is not only flexible and sustainable, but also improves production efficiency.

High performance PCD shank cutter

For dry machining Aluminium on CNC machining centers

Leitz has developed high performance PCD shank cutters especially for dry CNC machining Aluminium sheets. These tools achieve significantly higher feed rates and better finish quality than comparable tools with cooling lubricant.

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