Planing tools from Leitz

Bring wood to life with superior finish quality

Planing tools are classified according to the type of their application. There are planing cutterheads for pre-planing, finishing or fine planing. Depending on the final product to be planed, the tolerances between roughing, finishing or fine planing can be variable.

Leitz offers a wide range of tools and solutions for almost every planing requirement.

Planing/profiling cutterhead with back-serrated blank knives

The multi-purpose tool, also for wide profiles

With the profile cutterhead for backserrated blanks, Leitz offers a tool for machining any profile using standard tool bodies and individually profiled blanks. By mounting straight knives, the tool can also be used for planing.

TurboPlan PLUS planerhead

Optimized tool for planing

The higher number of teeth of the hydro cutterhead TurboPlan PLUS enables the maximum feed rate to be used while keeping the best planing quality – and thus a significant increase in productivity.

HeliPlan Planing Cutterhead

The robust planing system

The Heliplan is designed for pre-planing tear-free planed surfaces and is suitable for finish machining. Other benefits are HeliPlan planing cutterheads are quiet, long-lasting and easy to use and maintain.

VariPlan Plus Planing Cutterhead

For pre or finish planing to a perfect finish quality

The Leitz VariPlan Plus planing cutterhead is a constant diameter tool system that can be resharpened several times without change in tool diameter. By eliminating any adjustments after the quick and easy knife change VariPlan Plus cutterheads improves efficiency, quality and economics.

Hydro planerhead

The conventional head in a new design

Hydro planing cutterheads from Leitz are extremely durable compared to conventional tools. The Leitz knives supplied are of such a quality, they need be changed less frequently while maintaining a consistently high machining quality.

Planing knives MC33

For high quality cutting and longer tool life

MC33 planing knives from Leitz increase productivity due to longer tool life and reduced sharpening cycles. In addition, the degree of utilization of the machine increases due to reducing the number of necessary set-up processes.

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