Leitz circular sawblades

Quality that is trusted worldwide

Circular sawblades are used in industry and trade for solid wood, wood-derived material or plastics, NF metals and composites.

As a supplier of a full range of products, Leitz is the perfect partner for challenges in the saw processing field of carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped circular sawblades.

BrillianceCut circular sawblade

With the BrillianceCut circular sawblade the rework is no longer necessary, therefore the saw cut edge can be glued, polished or flamed directly. An additional benefit is the BrillianceCut sawblade can be resharpened up to 20 times further reducing processing costs.

Katana for CNC

Circular sawblades for CNC machining centres

The Katana for CNC machining demonstrates its strength, especially when the saw cut becomes visible on the workpiece. Most materials can be processed with one tool and also with the advantage of reducing the noise generated during cutting.

Circular sawblades for NF metals

Crosscutting, trimming and mitre cutting

Leitz, with its long-standing experience in the professional machining of NF metals, has further developed its range of tools and now offers solutions for numerous challenges in machining pro les as well as extrusions, panels or metal sheets.

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