Tool solutions in new dimensions

Added value throughout our entire tool range

The name of Leitz is known worldwide as the market leader in practice-oriented tool solutions as well as reliability and quality in demanding machining tasks. Leitz, always focused on state of the art solutions for their customer’s advantage, offers a full range of high-performance and future-oriented tool concepts that are as varied as the tasks they solve.

Circular sawblades

Splitting, trimming, cutting to size ...

Circular sawblades are used in industry and trade for solid wood, wood-derived material or plastics, NF metals and composites.

Sizing tools

Edging, sizing and postforming

Sizing tools are specialists for a wide range of applications and materials. Whether in sizing, edge processing or in postforming applications, the extensive Leitz tool programme for sizing tools offers users maximum efficiency in the processing of all wood-derived materials and coatings.

Planing tools

For shape and surface

Planing tools are classified according to the type of their application. There are planing cutterheads for pre-planing, finishing or fine planing. Depending on the final product to be planed, the tolerances between roughing, finishing or fine planing can be variable.

Profiling tools

For industry and trade

The requirements of the market for profile tool systems are varied. Identical parts are to be manufactured in large quantities but on the other hand, frequently changing products must be manufactured individually.

Minifinger joint cutters

Special cutting tools

Minifinger profiles are used for the longitudinal joint of solid wood in load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications. The differences between the individual finger profiles are as varied as the requirements of the corresponding finished products.

Shank tools

The flexible, multi-talented tools

The processing of wood, wood-derived materials or plastics is taking place more and more on CNC router machines and machining centers. All machining tasks are carried out with shank tools, from sizing, jointing and rebating to profiling and boring.


Always a round thing

Drills are among the oldest wood processing tools. Even today, they are still indispensable. No matter if it’s for dowel joints, borings for hinges and fittings or construction bores, there is hardly a component which does not have to be bored.

Clamping systems

For that perfect connection

Quality is the word when it comes to selecting interfaces between machine and tool. Quality in regards to construction, tool steel and manufacturing quality, but also quality in protecting tools and machines and delivering the required machining results.

Customised solutions

Individual, efficient and environmentally friendly

Flexible production in small batch sizes requires short set-up times and high processing speeds. The ability to process an increasing variety of materials in high quality with long tool life requires innovative tooling and machining concepts. Low cutting forces, reduced noise levels and good chip collection help to save energy and protect the environment.

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