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Services in the field of technology consulting and process optimization

A ‘vision’ is at the very beginning of every success story. However, turning an idea into a successful product that can be manufactured economically and marketed profitably is a huge challenge for developers and founders. With Leitz as your partner, we bring our with its 112 year experience in the global wood and plastics processing industries across trade and industrial sectors to you. Leitz provides startups and established companies a unique resource of insights and competencies which help guide companies on their road to success.


Process analysis & process definition for the most economical solution

The basis for the development of production strategies and tool solutions is always a well-founded investigation of the local conditions. The Leitz engineers and technicians deal with the daily challenges that arise in an ongoing production process. The aim is always to find the most economical and sensible solution for the customer in order to help them stay one step ahead of the competition in the future.


Machining strategies around the optimal process

Leitz offers an extensive range of training courses for its customers. Practice-oriented training courses and workshops provide valuable user knowledge and are always based on state of the art applications. Tool optimization, process sequences, types of machining, cutting strategies, production optimization through to the exact use of extraction systems – the spectrum of topics is adapted to each customer individually and to their specific requirements.


Your success through our knowledge ...

Usage plans and production schedules describe which orders and work steps in production are assigned to the available machines. In this way, new and existing production plants can be optimally planned in advance of production by adapting machining times and tools, relocating transport routes or creating storage facilities. With its profound knowledge of processes and manufacturing sequences, Leitz offers the perfect support right from the production planning stage so that a smooth and fast production process is ensured in the actual implementation.


Your success is our incentive ...

For the optimum use of cutting tools within defined manufacturing processes, the individual tool is not the most important asset. Rather, all framework conditions must be considered and created so that the functional security of the overall process is ensured. Leitz defines the term “tool solutions” not only in terms of functionality, but also for tool management when it comes to availability, transport, spare parts procurement and regrinding. The result is a complete package that takes every production aspect into account for the benefit of the customer – from delivery to the machine.


Your success through our solutions ...

Putting a new machine or production line into operation demands a lot of effort. The investments are high and must deliver a return on investment as quickly as possible. Together with commissioning, ongoing operations must also be secured. Leitz also offers valuable information such as measurement documentation, tool documentation, enveloping contours or useful additional applications, such as the speed feed calculator or the online information portal LeitzXPert.

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