Solutions for the professional production of windows & front doors

Material, design, function and environmental responsibility as innovation drivers

Windows and doors are the face of every building. They provide comfort and security from the world outside, yet provide light and openness, instilling a sense of freedom. The challenge in window and door construction today is to meet consumer expectations of elegance, functionality, living quality and environmental protection but balanced with the most economical and environmentally friendly production processes.

Leitz helps manufacturing companies with its tool and system solutions, its extensive knowledge of materials and processes, and the ever-evolving marketplace.

Wooden windows & front doors

Wood is the oldest working material in the production of windows and doors. Due to its natural beauty, good insulation properties and comparatively easy processing, wood is uniquely attractive as a working material. That is why windows and doors made of wood are still the most common type worldwide. What is interesting however, is that the demands placed on the product and on mechanical production vary by country, continent and climate zone.

Plastic windows & front doors

Trends in the production of plastic window and door frames are placing ever higher demands on machining tools. Lacquered, laminated or acrylic-coated surfaces, additional insulating materials or fibre-glass reinforced structures demand the highest quality and performance of the tool systems used.

Aluminium windows & front doors

The increasing technical demands placed on aluminium window and door frames result in new developments in the manufacture of parts and production. Larger profile thicknesses, previously unknown material combinations in the area of thermal splittings, or additional insulation elements, are all changes that must also be taken into account on the tool and process side.

Window system solutions

Leitz recognizes market trends. The company has strong relationships with renowned testing institutes and manufacturers of fittings and seals, which means we know what is important when it comes to window construction. Leitz uses this resulting know-how with project partners in the joint development of window and door systems and passes this specialist product knowledge on to its customers.

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