Variety & individuality

Numerous possibilities, styles, materials and challenges

Furniture and interior doors make rooms what they are supposed to be. The centre of life heart of the home, an oasis of well-being, workplace or place of retreat – the definitions are almost endless. The stylistic and structural characteristics of pieces of furniture or interior doors seem just as endless limitless. Form, colour, function, everything is possible, whether as a one-off product or as a series product. It is precisely this diversity and individuality that makes both the manual craft and industrial production of furniture and interior doors the most complex production area in the woodworking and wood-based panel industry.

With Leitz as an experienced and competent partner for a wide variety of solutions relating to tool and process design, your challenges become high-quality products, and thus a success story.

Furniture & kitchen production

Variety meets individuality

Furniture and kitchens, as forms of expression for individuality and lifestyle, are hugely diverse in their type and construction. For this reason, materials with challenging surfaces, coatings and structures place massive demands on production technologies. In addition, the consumer demands for high quality production and appearance are key factors that require manufacturers to design their production processes with flexibility and efficiency.

Interior doors

A design medium with high demands

Interior doors have a special place in interior design. They are the physical and aesthetic separation between rooms, designed to create a harmonious connection between the house and the furnishings. In addition, attributes such as a high-quality appearance, functionality and safety must be fulfilled. These high demands placed on interior doors are also reflected in their manufacture resulting in an accumulation of complex and technically demanding production processes.

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