The perfect result on the panel

More productivity, quality and reliability with Leitz tool solutions

Just as the professional cutting of a rough diamond creates a precious and high-quality object, the professional use of diamond cutting materials in panel processing produces just as perfect finishes or edges and thus makes high-quality end products possible in the first place.

Leitz diamond tools for panel processing impress above all with their high efficiency in terms of lifetime, material variety and processing quality. Take the opportunity to convince yourself of this and select your favourites from the “Best of the Best” programme. In combination with the range of services provided by our globally unique Leitz Service, impressive results can be achieved – we promise you!


  • Perfect edges
  • Significant noise reduction of up to 5 dB(A)
  • Long lifetime


  • The best from the Leitz DIA tool range
  • All products are regrindable several times
  • Suitable for versatile materials
  • Suitable for all conventional plants, machines or units

Leitz Tools

Solutions in new Dimensions

Diamaster WhisperCut & WhisperCut PLUS

The light and low noise jointing cutterhead with the PLUS of efficiency

Due to the low weight of the Diamaster WhisperCut jointing cutterhead, noise pollution is significantly reduced and the quality of the workplace is improved. The resharpenability of the system with exchangeable blades also guarantees high cost efficiency. As an option, users can quickly and easily replace the blades on site.

WhisperCut circular sawblade

High performance in a whisper

The Leitz WhisperCut circular sawblade is a particularly user-friendly and futureoriented sawing technology. The circular sawblade is quiet when idling and in use with excellent cutting results in all conventional panel materials.

Compact hogger DT Premium

More efficiency in panel processing

The new DT Premium compact hogger is the solution for increasing productivity thanks to its long tool life – with perfect quality on the edge and cutting surface. Thanks to the new tooth shape, optimum machining results are achieved over the entire life cycle of the tool. The design enables efficient chip removal and the vibration-reducing tool body further increase the tool life and thus the economic efficiency.

Panel sizing circular sawblades

Efficient and flexible

No matter whether it‘s a finish-cut in batch size 1 production or the splitting of stacks, Leitz circular sawblades meet all necessary requirements.

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