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  Sawblades for Plastic applications

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a) Sawblades for UPVC,Corian and Acrylic

The same category of Sawblades with higher number of teeth and FZ/TR tooth configuration are used for UPVC profile sections and non-ferrous hollow profile sections.

In addition to the above application, this category also gives good results on Corian.Corian sheets upto 20mm can be cut using these Sawblades.

For medium and small scale converters of Acrylic, this Sawblade has been found to be an economic solution for cutting Acrylic sheets of upto 20mm thickness with an acceptable finish. But subsequent buffing will be required.

The Id numbers #60250(dia 250mm),#60252(dia 300mm) and #60255(dia 350mm) can be used on Bench saws and Panel saws for UPVC,Corian and Acrylic.

For a requirement of cutting of Acrylic sheets on high end machines with a transparent finish on the edges which requires only minimal buffing,the solution is the excellent range category of Glosscut Sawblades.

b)Sawblades for low melting Plastomers like Polyamides,Polypropylene and Polyethylene

When cutting Plastomers with low melting point like Polyamides,Polypropylene,
Polyethylene,etc. it is required to have less number of teeth.FZ/TR tooth configuration is also recommended for this application and gives a good finish and cutting life on this material.

Commonly used diameters of Sawblades are #57000(dia300mm),#57052(Dia350mm) and # 57002(Dia 400mm) with the FZ/TR configuration and gives good results on Plastomers..

An added advantage of this category of Sawblades is that it has limitors which has low feed forces for cutting thicker sections with manual feed on Bench saws and Panelsaws.