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Razorcut Sawblades for cutting of boards with High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

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There is a trend in the industry today where more cutting of boards using razorcurt sawblades with High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are being processed. The core board could be Plywood, Particle Board or MDF. HPL of 1mm thickness is normally laminated on top of the board and 0.8mm below.

To differentiate it from the Prelam boards, these boards are referred to as Post lam since it is normally laminated in -house by the end user after buying the board and the HPL separately.

HPL,due to its high density and thickness, wears out the Sawblade very fast. The life of a Sawblade drops by almost 75% when cutting Postlam as compared to Prelam boards. When it comes to an effective cutting, Razorcut sawblades comes to the rescue.


Razorcut Sawblades are the right solution for cutting Postlam boards. This sawblade has proved that it is far ahead of any other sawblade in the market in terms of more life as well as edge quality due to the following reasons:

  • TR/TR tooth configuration suitable for abrasive materials
  • UT design or Irregular tooth pitches which reduces harmonious vibrations on the periphery of the Sawblade. This combined with the laser ornaments on the tool body reduces noise and gives a high quality cut
  • Due to a special coating on the tool body there is reduced resin build up on the tool body.

Success Story behind the Razorcut Sawblades

One of our Customers who used to get a cutting life of 250 to 300 R.Mt. with traditional Sawblade when using Post-Laminated Panel boards on their Beam Saw machine was able to get an output of 1000-1200 R.Mt. with Razorcut Sawblade.

Thus the Razorcut sawblades proved itself to be far ahead of any other Sawblade in the market, in processing boards with High Pressure Laminate.