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Jointing cutterheads for chipfree edges on Edgebanding machines and Spindle Moulders

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Production of final sized panels of prelaminated particle board,MDF,Plywood with HPL,etc without chipping of the laminate is an everyday requirement faced by all panel processing units.A premilling cutterhead also called a jointing cutterhead is a primary requirement to produce tear free edges for tightly sealed edgebanding.

Why premilling or jointing ?

If the sized panel is taken directly from the Panelsaw and edgebanded a tight closing of the edgebanding is not possible.Moreover,productivity on the Panelsaw is also affected since even slight chipping while cutting will necessitate stoppage of the machine to change the Sawblades.

Premilling machining process

When sizing the board on the Panelsaw there should be an oversize of upto 2mm.This extra material will be removed by the Premilling cutterhead.Jointing of the boards after sawing will clear any slight chipping as well as prepare the edge of the board for high quality edgebanding.
Premilling cutters for edgebanding machines

Premilling cutters for edgebanding machines

Leitz has developed the Diamaster Whispercut jointing milling cutter for edgebanding machines.This is a lightweight aluminium cutter with replaceable knives.It has an alternate shear angle for tear free edges on the top and bottom laminate.It is a low noise design with upto 5 dB(A) noise reduction.The Dust Flow Control(DFC) technology helps in efficient chip collection upto 95%.It is available in Symmetric design where the same cutter can be used as LH or RH and Asymmetric design where there are separate LH and RH cutters.

Jointing cutters for Spindle Moulders

Jointing cutters in TC turnblade design are also available for manual feed on Spindle Moulders.It has staggered cutting edges and alternate shear angle for tear free edges.Separate LH and RH cutterheads are available