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Tools for machining Bamboo board

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  • Bamboo boards are very abrasive due to the resin content and the silica in the Bamboo.
  • These results in v/ery high rate of tool wear out when machining Bamboo boards
  • Leitz has developed special tools for machining the Bamboo board for the different processes like Cutting, Shaping and Drilling which are now on offer

Circular Saw blades

  • The Saw blades from the regular range used for wood or plywood cannot be used on the bamboo board due to the very high wear out.
  • Leitz has a specific tooth configuration for the TCT Saw blades which gives good results in terms of finish as well as sawing life.
  • The special tooth configuration which helps in splitting the cutting forces when sawing helps in giving a good life and edge finish on Portable saws also.


Drill bits

  • Drill bits with special type of fine grade Tungsten Carbide.
  • This high grade of cutting material coupled with the superior inherent design of the drill ensures concentric hole without any chip outs on the hole edges.
  • Specially suited for the abrasive nature of the board and will ensure more life as compared to the general category of drill bits available in the market.
  • Can be used on Portable and Multiboring machines.

Profile tools for Spindle Moulder and Router

  • Tools for profiling Bamboo board either on Spindle Moulder or Routers.
  • Cutters for all types of profiles including Tongue and Groove joint for flooring and Deckings available.
  • Results in very superior finish and increased machining life in terms of running meters machined.