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Basic facts about drilling high quality chipfree holes

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Drilling high quality holes on prelaminated particle boards and MDF and also Plywood laminated with High Pressure laminate is a daily requirement faced by the panel processing industry. Drilling blind holes with chip free edges and through holes without chipping at the exit point below the board is a challenge faced on a daily basis by the factories.

Common types of drills are :

  • Dowel drills – for blind holes to connect carcasse parts
  • Through hole drills – for fixing Hinges,Fittings and Handles
  • Cylindrical boring bits also called Hingeboring bits – for blind holes for Minifix and Hinges

Why is it required to use the specialized drill bits and why not any drill that is available in the hardware shop next door ?

The Dowel drills, Through hole drills and Cylindrical Boring bits have the following features

  • Centering point for precise centering on contact with the workpiece
  • Spur which gives the quality of the hole
  • Raker which cuts and removes material between the centre of the hole created by the centrepoint and the edges of the hole created by the spurs
  • Spiral groove which throws the chip outwards and provides radial guidance of the drill bit
  • These features help in consistently providing chip free holes of high quality.

These features help in consistently providing chip free holes of high quality.

In addition Leitz has also developed solid carbide drill bits which have twice the strength, excellent chip evacuation and about ten times the performance due to more number of regrinds that is possible and more number of holes that can be drilled per regrind.

Leitz offers free lifetime regrind for drill bits.